cs201 final term solved papers by moaaz

cs201 final term solved papers by moaaz. Why Programming is importantThe question most of the people ask is why should we learn to program when thereare numerous application software and code generators available to try to to the task for us.Well the solution is as give by the Matthias Felleisen within the book ‘How to designprograms’“.


The answer consists of two parts. First, it’s indeed true that traditional forms ofprogramming are useful for just a couple of people. In other words, we’ve a broadernotion of programming in mind than the normal one. We explain our notion in amoment. Second, we teach our idea of programming with a technology that’s basedon the principle of minimal intrusion.

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Hence, our notion of programming teachesproblem-analysis and problem-solving skills without imposing the overhead oftraditional programming notations and tools.” Hence learning to program is vital because it develops analytical and problemsolving abilities. it’s an ingenious activity and provides us a mean to precise abstractideas.


Thus programming is fun and is far quite a vocational skill. Theseskills are often summarized as:o Critical readingo Analytical thinkingo Creative synthesisWhat skills are neededProgramming is a crucial activity as people life and living depends on theprograms one make.


Hence while programming one shouldo listening to detailo believe the reusability.o believe user interfaceo Understand the very fact the computers are stupido Comment the code liberallyPaying attention to detailIn programming, the small print matter. this is often a really important skill. an honest programmeralways analyzes the matter statement very carefully and intimately.


you ought to payattention to all or any the aspects of the matter. you cannot be vague. you cannot describeyour program 3/4th of the way, then say, “You know what I mean?”, and have thecompiler find out the remainder.Furthermore you ought to concentrate to the calculations involved within the program, itsflow, and most significantly, the logic of the program.


Sometimes, a grammaticallycorrect sentence doesn’t make any sense. for instance, here may be a verse from poem”Through the Looking Glass” written by Lewis Carol:

cs201 final term solved papers by moaaz


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