Cs204 Assignment 1 Solution Spring 2021

Cs204 Assignment 1 Solution Spring 

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Question No. 1

Suppose you have received the following email:

Dear account holder,

We are pleased to announce that you have won $10 Million through a lucky draw conducted on

April 12, 2021 in the bank’s head office. We want to transfer this amount into your account

immediately so that you can start making the huge withdraws as soon as possible. To confirm that

you are the authentic account holder and are still in the possession of your bank account, you need

to provide us with a few answers to verify your authenticity.

Please provide us the following details immediately as the prize is only valid for next 24 hours:

  •  Name (first and last):
  •  Account Login:
  •  Password:
  •  Date of birth:
  •  16 digit number of your debit card
  •  Your registered phone number


Considering the above email, answer the following questions:

Question: What is the name of the cyber

attack? Answer: The name of cyber-attack is

cyber stalking.


What should be your response to this email or any other email of the similar nature?

Answer: First I will changed my privacy setting. I will change my account password

immediately. I will change my personal information like my contact number, address and email.

I will maintain my firewall setting. I will turnoff my internet. I will uninstall unnecessary

software. I will create new strong password and privacy setting.


Mention any two possible prevention measures that could protect you from getting such

emails in the future.


Install a Firewall:

Putting your network behind a firewall is one among the foremost effective ways to defend

yourself from any cyber-attack. A firewall system will block any brute force attacks made

on your network and/or systems before it can do any damage, something we will assist

you with.

Control access to your systems:


Question No. 2

Answer: The cyber-attack name is Denial of service attack.

Believe it or not, one among the attacks that you simply can receive on your systems are

often physical, having control over who can access your network is basically important. Somebody can

simply walk into your office or enterprise and connect a USB key containing infected files


Question: What is the name of cyber-attack which is occurring in the scenario?


Question: Mention any three prevention measures to avoid or to cope with this cyber attack.


Perform a Network Vulnerability Assessment:

Identify weakness in your networks before a malicious user does. A vulnerability

assessment involves identifying security exposures so you'll patch up your infrastructure to

be better prepared for a DDOS attack, or for any cyber security risks generally.


Protect Your DNS Servers:


Don’t forget that a malicious actor could also be ready to bring

your web servers offline by DOS your DNS servers. For that reason it's important that your

DNS servers have redundancy, and placing them in several data centers behind load

balancers is additionally an honest idea. a far better solution may even be to maneuver to a

cloud-based DNS provider which will offer high bandwidth and multiple points-of-presence

in data centers round the world. These services are specifically designed with DDOS

prevention in mind.

Practice Basic Network Security:

into one among your computers allowing them access to your entire network or infect it. It’s

essential to regulate who has access to your computers. Having a fringe security system installed

may be a excellent thanks to stop cybercrime.

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