cs302 final term solved papers by moaaz

cs302 final term solved papers by moaaz
cs302 final term solved papers by moaaz

cs302 final term solved papers by moaaz.

How thisMemory element is implemented.Answer:- (Page 318)A general Sequential circuit consists of a combinational circuit and a memory element. The memory element ismade of a gaggle of n flip-flops all connected to a a typical clock.


The n flip flops store 2n states. The flip-flopschange their current state to subsequent state on each clock transition. subsequent state is about by the currentstate and thus the external input. The output of the State Machine is about by this state and externalinput.


cs403 final term solved papers by moaaz

The inputs to the memory which enable the memory to vary its state on a clock transition are known asexcitation inputs or excitation variables.Q No.3 what’s meant by Monotonicity of Digital to Analog converter?Answer:- (Page 460)The output of the D/A converter should give an increasing analogue voltage output when the binary input isvaried between its minimum and maximum values.


Q No.4 Explain Programmable Logic Devices?Answer:-(Page 179)Programmable Logic Devices are utilized in many applications to exchange the Logic gates and MSI chips. PLDssave circuit space and reduce and save the price of components during a Digital Circuit. PLDS consists of Arrays ofAND gates and OR gates which may be programmed to perform specific functions.

Q No.5 what percentage clock pulses are required to enter a byte of knowledge serially into an 8-bit shift register? 2Answer:- 8 clock pulses are required to enter a byte of knowledge serially into an 8- bit shift register


Q No. 6 How we can measure the frequency of an unknown signal?Answer:-(Page 301)The frequency of the unknown signal are often calculated by counting the number of clock pulses of the unknownsignal and dividing the count number by the interval during which the clock pulses are counted.

cs302 final term solved papers by moaaz

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