Cs402 GDB Solution 2021


cs402 gdb solution 2021. Dated 10 FEB,2021 Dear Students, GDB of CS402 will be opened on Thursday 18 February. 2021 and it will close on day of Friday 19th February. 2021. Students must submit their responses on time to avoid any inconvenience.

Graded Discussion Board: For formal language*. Noam Chomsky identified formal grammar* into four categories known at Chomsky Hierarchy For each grammar, there is an automaton accepting it.

A mathematicians group at Hopkins University. California needs a machine to implement a language L derived after some calculations where !. (a b . d n>I) They have limited memory resources for the implementation.

Discuss which machine among FA (Finite Automata). PDA (Push Down Automata). LBA (Linear Bounded Automata) and TM (Turing Machine) I* the most favorable ones for the

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By keeping in mind the above Scenario above language as a function of n” and limited memory resources Give proper reasoning. Students must Read the instructions are given below carefully before sending their comments:


1- Students’ discussion must be based on logical facts and in-depth knowledge of the topic is a must for that.

  1. Comments of students must be relevant to the topic that is clear and concise (Maximum Four to five line (4-5) lines answer)
  2. Students must post their comments on the Graded Discussion Board and not on the Regular MDB (Moderate discussion board) Both will run parallel to each other during the time specified above
  • l Books, websites, and other reading material may be consulted before posting your comments –
  1. GDB • ill have a weight-age of 5% of your total subject marks
  2. There is extra time will be given for discussion
  3. Students do not participate in the discussion after the due date or through e-mail

cs402 gdb solution 2021


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