cs403 gdb solution 2021


cs403 gdb solution 2021

CS403 – Database Management Systems

Graded Discussion Board

Dated:Feb 08, 21

Dear Students,
Graded Discussion Board (GDB) for CS403 course will be opened on Monday, February 15, 2021 and it will close on Tuesday, February 16, 2021.

GDB Topic
Orchid bank is a private sector bank which has branches in different countries. Orchid bank uses database for the storage of clients’ data because databases can store very large numbers of records efficiently. By using database, we can add, edit or delete data easily. It is more efficient in data searching and data sorting. Database can be used by more than one user to access same data simultaneously.

As a database designer, which type of database (distributed database & centralized database) you will use in this scenario to ensure data consistency, easy management and easy backup?
Also, what you think that replication of database suitable in the above given scenario?
Note: Your GDB answer should not exceed 4 to 5 lines.

GDB Instructions:
1.      You need to provide precise and to the point answer, avoid irrelevant details.
2.      Copied from the internet or another student will get zero marks.
3.      You cannot participate in the discussion after the due date via email.
4.    The GDB will open and close on specified date and time. Please note that no grace day or extra time will be given for posting comments on GDB.

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cs403 gdb solution 2021

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