cs408 gdb solution 2021

cs408 gdb solution 2021

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CS408 GDB IDEA Solution Fall 2020
Alice gets into her hotel room late and is hung percentage (%). She wants to order room services so she opens up the guest book and sees that she can order one (1) of three (3) sandwiches from them which are listed in the menu at any time of whole night.

So, she dials the phone number in the guest book, a recording answers oh her call asking her to type in the number of the sandwich she needed. The guest book has a number code next to each sandwich so Mice type 23 into the phone keypad to order a ham sandwich.

She is then told them to confirm that she needs a ham sandwich by pressing one (1). She does so and is informed that her sandwich will arrive in ten (10) minutes. After waiting ten (10) minutes she gets a knock at her door and a robotic trolly has her required sandwich.

The End

cs408 gdb solution 2020



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cs408 gdb solution 2021


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