cs506 assignment 3 solution 2020

cs506 assignment 3 solution fall 2020
cs506 assignment 3 solution fall 2020

Problem Statement:
cs506 assignment 3 solution 2020. Accounts Department of an ABC organization wants to develop a web application named Employee Salary System (ESS) using Apache Tomcat Server to facilitate its employees regarding their salaries status and to get salary in chunks (if any employee wants to take this facility). This application will work like a bank account where employee could see his/her complete employee details (employee id, employee name, salary per month, current balance).


Also, employee can withdraw salary in chunks of 1000 Rs (that will be provided to employee in cash from accounts department). Now you are required to follow following requirements to build this web application.


Detailed Description:
The ESS application will facilitate the employees of the organization. Therefore, you are required to develop an html page named (index.html) which will contain login form as shown in Figure 1.


LOGIN” button will be used to login the application while “Clear” button will clear credential values. Employees can see the ESS dashboard (see Fig 2) by successful login to the application using employee id (should be your own VU Student ID) and password (should be 1234). For this purpose, write a Java Servlet named LoginSvlt.java that will receive submitted information through login page (index.html) and verify login credential values from the database i.e. weather entered credentials are correct or not. If incorrect credentials are used to login then it should print a message “Invalid Employee ID or Password” as shown in figure 1.1.


cs506 assignment no 3 solution 2020

cs506 assignment 3 solution 2020

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