cs506 gdb solution 2021


cs506 gdb solution 2021. Dear Students, Graded discussion (GDB) are going to be launched on 17th Feb 2021 and it’ll remain open for 48 hours. you’ll post your comments on the below-mentioned topic till 18th Feb 2021.

GDB Topic: The Internet of things(IoT) is an interconnection of physical devices and internet. These devices have the potential to sense, monitor, and answer various actions. In current situation of pandemic COVID-19,

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it’s been observed that touching of things like thermometer by different persons could enhance the likelihood to transfer the virus from thermometer to person, if the thermometer was touched by COVID positive person.

Suppose as a java programmer, you’re given a task to develop an application which could check patient’s temperature without touching thermometer or patient’s body.To develop this app for IOT device, what does one think Java language should prefer on other languages or not? Justify your answer with solid reason.

Instructions:Your comment must not be more than 4-5 lines and that has got to be concise, coherent and to the purpose comment.GDB won’t get any gradeIf comment is lengthy and irrelevant.

If found copied from another student or from internet material.If posted on MDB or submitted via email within or after maturity.For any queries, please email at [email protected]

cs506 gdb solution 2021

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