cs601 gdb solution 2021

cs601 gdb solution 2021
cs601 gdb solution 2021

CS601 GDB 1 Fall 2020/2021

cs601 gdb solution 2021. GDB  would be opened for 2 days i.e. fifteen Feb, 2021 (Monday) -16 Feb, 2021 (Tuesday) to submit your answers / responses. Submit your answers on mentioned dates as no GDB would be accepted via email. GDB state of affairs is provided below:


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GDB Scenario:

Congestion in an exceedingly network might occur if the load on the network is larger than the capability of the network. The congestion management theme tries to bring the network back to an in operation state, whereas a congestion rejection theme tries to stay the network at associate best state.


The moment at that a congestion management theme is termed, depends on the amount of memory accessible within the routers whereas, the purpose at that a congestion rejection theme is invoked, is freelance of the memory size. A congestion rejection scheme might ceaselessly oscillate slightly around its goal while not vital degradation in performance. However, the congestion management theme tries to reduce the possibilities of going higher than the limit.


As a network administrator, which of following technique will be more suitable for a WAN? write your opinion?

(1) Congestion Avoidance

(2) Congestion Control

Justify your answer with at least 3 valid reasons.


A concise, coherent and to the purpose comment is most well-liked over extended comment having unsuitable details. Your comment should not be over 4-5 lines.. Comments, posted on regular

Lesson” s MDB or sent through email will NOT be considered in any case.

If you would not mention your choice(s) at start of your answer then it may affect your marks.


Too several packets gift during a a part of the network causes packet delay and loss that degrades performance, this case is named congestion. In my Opinion Congestion control technique is best. Congestion management refers to techniques and mechanisms which will either forestall or take away congestion

The main objective of the congestion control is to minimize the delay and buffer overflow caused by network congestion and hence enable the network to perform better. In wired networks, Congestion management largely applies to the packet-switching networks.

However, such congestion management techniques don’t apply on to circumstantial networks, that involve special challenges like restricted wireless information measure, power constraints, and route failures because of node quality and restricted buffer size.

The most effective way to control congestion is to reduce the load that the transparent layer is placing on the network. Congestion control mostly applies to the packet-switching networks.


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