cs614 final term solved papers 2021

cs614 final term solved papers by moaaz
cs614 final term solved papers by moaaz

cs614 final term solved papers by moaaz 2021,Why knowledge Warehousing? The world economy has captive kind the commercial age into data driven knowledge economy. the data age is characterised by the pc technology, modern communication technology and net technology; all square measure common within the world today.

Governments round the globe have realised potential of knowledge, as a “multifactor” within the development of their economy, that not solely creates wealth for the society, however additionally affects the longer term of the country. Thus, several countries within the world have placed the fashionable data technology into their strategic plans.

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They regard it because the most important strategic resource for the event their society, and try their best to succeed in and occupy the height of the fashionable data driven data economy. What is the proper direction?
Ever since the IT revolution that happened over a decade agone each government has been making an attempt and tried to extend our software system exports. however have persistently did not get the desired results. I happened to satisfy a gentleman United Nations agency got risk capital of many million North American nation greenbacks and that i asked him why our software system export has not gone up?

His answer was simple, “we are finance in outgoing or superannuated tools and technologies”. We have additionally been simply following India, doltishly for an instant, what India is nowadays, started perhaps a decade agone. thus my next question was “what ought to we tend to be doing today?”

His answer was “we have captured and hold on knowledge for an extended time, currently it’s time to explore and create use of that data”. there’s an adage that “a fool and his cash square measure shortly parted”, since that gentleman was made and remains made, thus he will qualify to be a wise man, and his words of knowledge to be paid attention to.

cs614 final term solved papers by moaaz