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Reading Skills
This lesson can follow the pattern established by US within the earlier lessons. we are going to browse a text to
help US in comprehension, so we are going to do exercises supported that text. When you browse the subsequent text, you may most likely meet words and expression that area unit unaccustomed you.

1st try and perceive their which means from the context – browse an equivalent passage many times. When you have browse the entire text, check new words in an exceedingly lexicon. Those words in daring typeface area unit explained within the wordbook at the top of your reading package.

History of Computers:

1. allow us to take a glance at the history of the computers. The terribly 1st scheming device used was the 10 fingers of a man’s hands. This, in fact, is why nowadays we have a tendency to still count within the tens and multiples of tens. Then the abacus was unreal, a bead inclose that the beads area unit moved from left to right. individuals went on victimization some sort of abacus within the sixteenth century, and it’s still used in some elements of the planet as a result of it may be understood while not knowing a way to browse.

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2. throughout the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries, many of us tried to search out straightforward ways that of scheming. J. Napier, a Scotsman, devised a mechanical manner of multiplying and dividing, that is however the
modern slipstick works. Henry Briggs used Napier’s ideas made index tables, which all mathematicians use nowadays. Calculus, another branch of arithmetic, was severally unreal by Sir Isaac Newton, associate degree English person, and Leibnitz, a German scientist.

3. the primary real calculator appeared in 1820 because the results of many people’s experiments. this sort of machine, that saves a good deal of your time and reduces the chance of making mistakes, depends on a series of 10 toothed gear wheels.

In 1830 Charles Babbage, an Englishman, designed a machine that was known as ‘The Analytical Engine’. This machine, which Babbage showed at the Paris Exhibition in 1855, was a trial to chop out the individual altogether, aside from providing the machine with the mandatory facts concerning the matter to be solved. He ne’er finished this work, however several of his ideas were the idea for building today’s computers.

4. In 1930, the primary data processor was engineered by associate degree yank named Vannevar Bush. This
device was utilized in war II to assist the aim guns. MarkI, the name given to the primary digital computer, was completed in 1944. the boys accountable for this invention were academician.

Howard Aiken and a few individuals from IBM. This was the primary machine that might fathom long lists of mathematical issues, all at a really quick rate. In 1946 2 engineers at the University of Pennsylvania, J. Ecker and J. Mauchly, engineered the primary data processor victimization elements known as vacuum tubes. They named their new invention ENIAC. Another necessary advancement in computers came in 1947, once John von Newmann developed the concept of keeping directions within the computer’s memory.

eng101 past papers

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