GK Islamic study MCQS


Islamic study MCQS


  1. Zabure revelad on which prophet by ALLAH.?
  2. prophet dawood

b.prophet ibrahem

c.prophet moosa

d.prophet Essa

2.which of the following title of  ‘’The Sowerd of ALLAH ‘’?

a.Hazrat Abu Bakar Sidique(R.A).

b.Hazrat Umar Farooq(R.A)

c.Hazrat Khalid bin waleed (R.A)

d.Hazrat Ali(R.A)

3.The number of sons of the HOLLY PROPHET MUHAMMAD (PBUH).?





4.The number of daughter of HOLLY PROPHET MUHAMMAD (PBUH).?





5.Real name of IMMAM BUHKARI (R.A).?

a.Muhammad bin Ismail.

b.Muhammad bin Ibrahim.

c.Muhammad ismail

d.Muhammad Ibrahim

6.MUHAMMAD (PBUH) reciev the massage of ALLAH by which angle.?

a.Isra feel(A.S)

b.Mikael (A.S)

c.Jibrael (A.S)


7.On the surface of earth the first Mosque  was.?


b.Masjid-ul haram.



8.Hazrat Khadija was married with PROPHET MUHAMMAD(PBUH) at the age of.?

a.23 years




9.The title Umm.ul.Masakeen was.?

a.Hazrat Hafsa Bint umer(R.A)

b.Hazrat Safia(R.a)

c.Hazrat Zanib Bint jehash(R.A)

. d non of these

10.What is the relationship or Hazrat ishaq with Hazrat Ismail.?

a.They are brother

b.They were cusions.

c.Father and son.

d.non f these.

11.PROPHET MUHAMMAD (PBUH) take first migration with  his companion from where.?





  1. In whih surah declare The “WIVES OF PROPHET (PBUH) are mothers of belivers”.?

a.Surrah Muhammad

b.Surrah al-imran

c.surrah Ah

d surrah yaseen

13.Jang-e -Badar was fought in.?

a.3 Hajri

b.2 Hajri

c.1 Hajri

d.5 hajri

13.In which month battle of badar was fought.





14.All children of PROPHET MUHAMMAD (PBUH) born from Hazrat Khadeja except.?

  1. Abdullah (R.A)
  2. Ibraheem (R.A)
  3. hazrat fatima (R.A)
  4. Hazrat rauqaiyah (R.A)

15.In which month Qibla was change form jerushlam to Khana-e- Kabba.?

  1. 2 Shaban A.H

b.1 Shahban A.H

  1. 2 Ramzan A.H

d.1 Rmzan A.H

  1. In the history of islam what is the coloure of first Islamic FLAG.?


  1. White
  2. Yellow

d.White and black

17.In which Islamic month the mission of NAKLHA was took place .

a.2 Rajab A.H

  1. 1 Shaban A.H

c.2 Shaban A.H

d.1 Rajab A.H

18.Under the leardership of PROPHET MUHAMMAD first migration took place from.?

  1. The migration of Buwat.

b.The migration of Safwan.

c.The migration of Waddan OR Abwa

d.Non if these.

19.For how many years of secret preaching lasted .

  1. 2 years
  2. 1 years
  3. 3 years

d.4 years

20.In which mountain the CAVE of Hira situated .?

  1. Uhud mountain .
  2. As-safa mountain
  3. c. An-Noor mountain
  4. Sil mountain

21.For how many years PROPHET MUHAMMAD (PBUH) lived in Madina .?

  1. 9 years
  2. 8 years
  3. 11 years

D . 10 years

  1. There are how many men and women participate in first migration of islam to Abyssinia.?
  2. 12 men and 4 women .

b.10 men and 6 women .

c.6 men and 10 women.

d.10 man and 8 women .

23.What is the meaning of  “YA Sabahah” is .?

a.Come to religion


  1. notice of some danger
  2. Non of these.

25 THE treaty of AL.HUDAIBIYA was took place in which hijri year.?

a.6 hajri

b.7 hajri

c.5 hajri

  1. 8 hajri

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