Guidance and counseling Guidance is a continuous process assignments

Guidance and counseling Guidance is a continuous process assignments
Guidance and counseling Guidance is a continuous process assignments

Guidance and counseling both procedures have their own importance and counseling come under the guidance. From the educational point of view, guidance means that the student adjusts himself to the surroundings. In this process, self-adjustment is very important. Guidance helps the student to discover his or her hidden potentials.

Counseling is another procedure than guidance. It is necessary when anyone faces serious problems so it is a more specialized service to solve serious problems. Counseling helps the individual to solve their problem by helping professional which help the person to overcome his or her problem. Counseling also involves two very important factors such as empathetic understanding and also active listening. Counseling also encourages counselee’s self-awareness and realizes change through self-information.

Group benefits from guidance and counseling in the school areas Principals, Teachers, students, parents, administrative staffs, and community.

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Above mentioned group of people benefits from guidance and counseling in the school in many ways. Principals got benefits for achieving good results for their institutions. This is possible when all group members coordinate with each other in the proper way. For the good future of student guidance and counseling in the school is a compulsory procedure. Teachers must critically watch all activities of individual students and also note their weaknesses and strong points. The teachers must coordinate with student parents for the issue of students. When all problems which students are facing resolved by the teachers with the coordination of parents then students work properly in the schools and work with happier behavior and not as a boring activity. I know that when the environment of the school is managed properly with the help of the principal, teachers, students, students parents, administrative staff, and also by community members coordination then overall progress of the institution increases and also the future of students become bright.  In the whole process, the guidance and counseling in the school play a very important role and without these two procedures, these achievements are not possible.

Guidance is a continuous process of advisement. A process that promotes individuals to understand/herself and live effectively in society.   

The statement means that man needs regular guidance throughout his life to play a positive role in society because every person has its own way of thinking and understanding of life. To live in a society one must behave in such a way that not only good for him/her but also helpful for society. To learn and acquire habits, skills, attitudes, and interests on a regular basis which make him/her a normally adjusted being. Therefore it is evident that the process and goals of guidance and counseling is to help the person move forward a greater level of self-understanding and self-acceptance.


It means that the student must choose subjects. If a student has any behavioral issue then he can solve it step-wise and with great planning. A continuous process of advisement means that this process happens from the day when the child enters school and it finishes on the day when the child departs school. By this process students become effective members of society, so the students improve behaviorally and academically. This process also helps the students to set their realistic goals. Goals must be achievable. This process helps the students to plan for reaching those realistic goals which they set for them because in the schools these are missing in normal conditions. This process helps to find the student’s weak and strong areas at the start of their study carrier.