isl201 final term solved papers 2020

isl201 final term solved papers 2020
isl201 final term solved papers 2020

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He alone is that the Lord of the complete Universe.
The second dogma of religion is that Supreme Being is that the supporter of the complete Universe. It
means that you have got to believe from the depth of your heart that Supreme Being alone is that the Creator
of the complete world.

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He alone created, out of nothing, the living organisms, the heavenly bodies and therefore entire visible in addition as invisible world. He devised such marvelous canons for of these worlds that the students of medication, chemistry, physics and natural philosophy, have been able to discover solely a number of of them.

He alone has the complete data concerning each huge or tiny issue of of these worlds. it’s written with Him that what percentage leaves a tree has, what form will a leaf carry, or what percentage germs float during this world and what’s their size and volume and what area unit their constituents.

He solely is aware of what percentage rotating electrons associate atom has, what ephemeral changes occur in them, what the character of their statics and dynamics is, what forms they take and what the characteristic of their transformation area unit.

He alone is that the Master and He alone is permitted to form any modifications within the universe consistent with His can. Thus, he’s the supporter of the globe. He gave from to everything and he takes care of them. He makes alteration and changes in their conditions and character.

He has predetermined each detail and has placed such proofs in every atom of this universe that every person with enough reason will trace Him and look for steering from him. this is often the second dogma of religion and it’s obligatory to simply accept it and believe it.

But, do you become a believer by simply acceptive this as a commentary of faith? Someone declares before you that Supreme Being alone is that the creator of this universe and He alone is the supporter of everything. Would you settle for him as a believer simply because of his declaration? negative, this declaration alone isn’t enough to be a believer, as a result of several nations of the antiquity created this declaration.

isl201 final term solved papers 2020



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