Length of boundries MCQS PPSC


Length of boundries mcqs ppsc.

In the following post we can discuss the lenghts of different cuontries along with pakistan according there distance and also discuss coastline with different oceans .

Total Coastline of Pakistan is?
A. 1090 kilometres
B. 990 kilometres
C. 890 kilometres
D. 900 kilometres
the lenght of pak-coastal lenght is 990 km .coastal lenght from sind side is (270 km) and costal lenght is from Makhan side is (720 km).
if you discover in paper 1046kms then that’s right answer.
India Pakistan boundary is called?
A. Durand Line
B. Redcliff Line
C. Mac Mohan Line
D. Separate Line
boundary between India and PakistanOn August 1947 Radcliffe line was declared as . Therefore, Radcliffe line separates India from Pakistan also as Bangladesh.
Diplomatic relation between Pakistan and Afghanistan were established in?
A. Feb. 1950
B. Feb. 1949
C. Feb. 1947
D. Feb. 1948
The relations began to say no when the Taliban refused to endorse the Durand Line despite pressure from Islamabad, arguing that there shall be no borders among Muslims.
ds up to 350 nautical miles from the coastline
Geographically, the coast of Pakistan
1. Gwadar Coast
2. Lasbela Coast
3. Karachi Coast

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Pakistan features a coastline of about 1046 kilometres

lenght of pak -iran boundry is__?
A. 200 km
B. 707 km
C. 500 km
D. 959 km
Pakistan and China border 592 km
Which of the subsequent state of India doesn’t have border with Pakistan?
A. Punjab
B. Gujarat
C. Rajasthan
D. Haryana
India-Pakistan border is additionally referred to as International Border .
3,323 kilometres.is the total lenght of pak-india boundry.
Gujarat: 506 Km
Punjab: 425 Km
Rajasthan: 1,170 Km
_________ lies within the north of Pakistan.
A. Afghanistan
B. China
C. Iran
D. Arabian Sea
China is situated at the northeast of Pakistan.
What is the border between Pakistan and Afghanistan called_______?
A. Durand Line
B. Line of control
C. Free Line
D. Dukhtar Line
Due to Geostrategic position, no peace is feasible in Afghanistan without the active support and cooperation of ____:
A. India
B. Iran
C. Pakistan
D. China
Pakistan enjoys a highly strategic geopolitical location, being situated at the corridor of major maritime and land-based transit routes reaching from energy-rich Central Asia and therefore the Middle East to the population centers of South and East Asia.
which of the following country has 600 km long boundry with pakstain.
A. چین
B. ایران
C. افغانستان
D. بھارت
Length ofPakistan& India Border: 3323 Km (including LoC)
Length of Pakistan &Afghanistan Border: 2430km or 2252km
Length of Pakistan & Iran Border: 1871km (Goldsmid Line)
Length of Pakistan & China Border: 592km (an agreement made 1963)
Length of Pakistan coastline: 1046km
کشمیر میں لائن آف کنٹرول کی لمبائی کتنی ہے؟
A. 840 km
B. 1200 km
C. 740 km
D. 1300 km
Line of Control or Ceasefire Line came into existence consistent with the Simla Agreement in 1972
Line of Control: Azad Kashmir and Occupied Kashmir
Working Boundary: Pakistan and Occupied Kashmir
Legth of Durand line.
A. 2430km
B. 2930km
C. 570 km
D. None
1510 miles
The Mortimer Durand b/w Abdul Rahman Durand line drawn in 1893

Length of line of control?
A. 740 km
B. 460 miles
C. Both
D. None
Formally named LOC after Shimla agreement 1972.
The narrow strip in Afghanistan that separates Pakistan from Tajikistan is named
A. Wakhan Corridor
B. Durand Line
C. Makhmud Bordar
D. Khunjerab
The Wakhan Corridor may be a field within the northeastern a part of Afghanistan that extends into China and separates Tajikistan and Pakistan.
Which among the subsequent country opposed Pakistan’s inclusion within the United Nations at the time of Independence:
A. Inida
B. Iran
C. China
D. Afghanistan
After the almost one month ago pakistan has joined UN organization in 30 sep 1947 .
Pakistan has been elected seven times (tied with Colombia and India) into the UN Security Council , with the foremost recent term in 2013.