mcqs of Muslim league and congress in ppsc fpsc


Most repeted mcqs of Muslim league and congress in ppsc fpsc

Which gathering begins quit India development?

A. All India Muslim boycott alliance

B. Congress

C. Both

D. None

This development was begun by Ghandi accordingly Quaid e Azam begins development separate and quit.

It was begun in 1942


Battle of freedom was begins in

A. 1856

B. 1857

C. 1900

D. 1914

It begins from meerut


which of the following agrement was assigen between AIML and indian congress

A. میثاق لکھنو

B. جداگانہ طرز انتخاب

C. منٹومورلے رفورمز

D. کوئی بھی نہیں


Revocation of segment of Bangal was made in

A. 1911

B. 1905

C. 1909

D. 1910

Ruler Harding report abrogation of the segments of Bangal


Jawahr Lal Nehru ‘s relationship with Moti Lal Nehru

A. Son

B. Bhother

C. Friends

D. Grandfather

Nehru become first PM of India

Noticeable head of Indian freedom development

Become leader of Congress in 1929


Which development is begun by Ghandi in 1920?

A. Non participation development

B. Khalafat developments

C. Quit India development

D. None

Non participation

Bring titles back

Leave occupations

Refusal to settle charges


Pakistan biggest glacial mass

A. Baltoro

B. Bafiro

C. Siachian

D. None of these

Siachian is additionally 2 biggest glaciar of the world

It is debate between India China and Pakistan