mgt111 assignment 2 solution 2021

mgt111 assignment 2 solution 2021
mgt111 assignment 2 solution 2020

mgt111 assignment 2 solution 2021

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mgt501 assignment 2 solution 2021


To meet the increasing budget deficit criteria, the government wants to expand the tax net by including more people in the tax net.. It will be charged form people at the same tax rate no matter in company a worker is earning high or low as compared to one another. The government not desire to overburden the existing tax collection department, and therefore, it is going to plann to outsource the collection of this new tax to an external agency.


According to the principles of good taxation & the details of the proposed tax in the above scenario, explain it is known as good tax or known as  not good. Your answer must be on concerned principles of good taxation.


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mgt111 assignment 2 solution 2021

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