mgt211 short notes 23 to 45

mgt211 short notes 23 to 45
mgt211 short notes 23 to 45

mgt211 short notes 23 to 45. Classification of products. Consumer products. Consumer products are consumed after certain uses. E.g. Tea, soap, tooth paste, shaving soap, vegetable oil etc.Industrial products.Industrial products are utilized in industry. E.g. staple, machinery, chemicals, hardware and software.


Relationship Marketing. Developing an extended term relationship with the purchasers. Transactional Marketing. Transaction with the customer. Marketing Mix. Factors influencing the Marketing System 1. External Marketing Environmental Factors2. Internal Marketing.

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Environmental FactorsExternal Marketing Environmental FactorsFactors which are outside the organization and influence the system.External factors are generally beyond the control of 1 marketing firm. These include: Economic Forces Demographic Forces. to spot the unsatisfied needs of the purchasers. to style the merchandise.


Development. Pricing Decisions. Product Distribution. Communication with the purchasers. market research. Appointment of staff in marketing department. Marketing Plan: an idea for marketing programs. Components of selling plan are: Executive Summary. Current market situation. Opportunity Analysis. Marketing objectives.


Marketing Strategies. Projected earnings report. Control. Marketing MixAn analysis that tells us at what point the organization are going to be at no profit no loss point. To calculate breakeven point, we’d like to consider: fixed charge. Variable cost. fixed charge will remain. Variable cost vary with the amount of units produced.

Total Cost = fixed charge + Variable cost. Concept of breakeven analysis fixed no matter number of units produced. is employed in cost based pricing. Pricing of a replacement ProductPrice SkimmingA strategy through which a product is introduced within the market with higher price than the market expectations.

mgt211 short notes 23 to 45

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