Repeted mcqs of history in ppsc fpsc nts


Repeted mcqs of history in ppsc fpsc nts

At the point when bureau mission plane are free india


B. 1944

C. 1945

D. 1947

Contain 3 individuals

Intend to move of pawers from British India to Indian pioneers


During the time of East India Company, the territories of Behar, Uresa and Assam were remembered for?

A. Haryana

B. Bengal

C. Hyderabad

D. Punjab

Eastern Bengal and Assam was a managerial development (area) of British Raj somewhere in the range of 1905 and 1912. Settled inside the city of Dacca,


The issue which made Sir Syed Ahmad Khan to infer that Hindu and Muslims couldn’t cooperate any longer was

A. Congress conduct

B. Hindi Urdu Controversy

C. Elbert bill

D. Issue of Muslim University

Sir Syed Ahmed Khan had once expressed, “I look to the two Hindus and Muslims with an identical eyes and think about them as two eyes of a lady of the hour. By the word country I just mean Hindus and Muslims and zip else. We Hindus and Muslims live respectively under a comparable soil under an identical government. Our advantage and issues are normal and subsequently I consider the 2 groups together country.” visiting with Mr. Shakespeare, the legislative leader of Banaras, after the language contention warmed , he said “I’m currently persuaded that the Hindus and Muslims would never become one country as their religion and lifestyle was very particular from one another .”


Name the Mughal lord who was altogether crushed and needed to quantify estranged abroad prior to recovering India

A. Jahangir

B. Aurangzeb

C. Humayun

D. None of those

Nasir-ud-Din Muḥammad (6 March 1508 – 27 January 1556), better known by his regnal name, Humayun, was the second head of the Mughal Empire, who managed over domain in what’s presently Afghanistan, Pakistan, Northern India, and Bangladesh from 1530–1540 and again from 1555–1556. Like his dad, Babur, he lost his realm early

مغل بادشاہ کا نام بتائیں جو پوری طرح سے شکست کھا گیا تھا اور ہندوستان پر قبضہ کرنے سے قبل جلاوطنی میں رہنا پڑا تھا



Motivation behind Indian public congress.

A. Government Jobs

B. Political exchange

C. Eliminate Poverty

D. all of Those

Its point was to get a more prominent offer in government for taught Indians, and to make a stage for urban and political exchange among them and subsequently the British Raj.

Organizers: Allan Octavian Hume


who permitted East India Company to dwell and fabricate industrial facilities in Surat:

A. Jahangir

B. Humayun

C. Shah Jahan

D. Akbar

First plant at Surat, India in 1608

The principal manufacturing plant at Surat name Ship Hector, Commanded by William Hawkins

A couple of years had set up a perpetual processing plant there.