Which among the subsequent doesn’t belong to seven new wonders of the world?
A. Sajid Saleem
B. Kamran Saleem
C. Yousaf Saleem
D. Umar Saleem
Yousaf Saleem could be a Pakistani jurist. he’s initial ever blind decide in West Pakistan. He took oath on twenty six June 2018. He was gold medalist of University of the Punjab Bachelor of Laws program in 2014. He additionally flat-topped written judicial communication out of half-dozen,500 candidates in 2017.


پاکستان کا قومی پرچم کس نے تیار کیا تھا؟
A. عبدالرحمن چغتائی
B. لیاقت علی
C. چوہدری رحمت علی
D. امیر الدین قدوائی
The emblem of West Pakistan was adopted on August eleven, 1947.
1. inexperienced color represents the Muslim majority in West Pakistan.
2. White color represents minorities.
3. Crescent represents progress.
4. Five-pointed star represents light-weight and data.
The biggest gas field of West Pakistan was discovered within which town ____?
A. Jacobabab
B. Sibi
C. Sui
D. Kharan
The Sui gas field is that the biggest gas field in West Pakistan. it’s placed close to Sui in Balochistan. The gas field was discovered in late 1952 and therefore the industrial exploitation of the sector began in 1955.

Which initial Pakistani head of SAARC:
A. Ahmed Saleem
B. Amjad Hussain B stone
C. Naeem UL. Hassan
D. Abul Ahsan
Naeem U. Hasan from Pakistani head of SAARC from one Gregorian calendar month 1996 to thirty one Gregorian calendar month 1998
Amjad Hussain B stone is second man from West Pakistan head of SAARC from one March 2017 until twenty nine Gregorian calendar month 2020
First head of state to go to West Pakistan in 1947 was _______?
A. swayer of Asian country
B. swayer of Kuwait
C. swayer of Islamic Republic of Iran
D. None of those
Islamic Republic of Iran was the primary country to acknowledge West Pakistan when independence
The first head of state to go to Pak: in 1947 was swayer of Kuwait Ahmad Al-Jaber Al-Sabah. founding father of Kuwait peace Force
the primary president to go to was of Republic of Indonesia.
The first opposition party of Pak: Jinnah Awami league it had been supported by Abdul Hameed Bhashwani in 1950.
Nobel Prize in ______was awarded to Dr. Abdus Salam in year:
A. 1965
B. 1979
C. 1969
D. 1998
Dr. Abdus Salam was Born in Jhan Punjab: Jan. 29, 1926
Dr. Abdus Salam was Died: Gregorian calendar month. 21, 1996
In 1979 Dr. Abdus Salam get Nobel prize for Physics
In 1952 he pH.D. in theoretical physics from the University of Cambridge
The first martyr feminine pilot of West Pakistan Air Force is ________?
A. Marium Khan
B. Marium Mukhtiar
C. Marium Mahmood
D. Marium Maher
Flying Officer Marium Mukhtiar (May eighteen, 1992) was a Pakistani combat pilot
She died when a West Pakistan Air Force (PAF) FT-7PG craft crashed close to Kundian in Mianwali District within the northwest of Punjab, West Pakistan on Gregorian calendar month twenty four, 2015.
She is that the initial feminine pilot of West Pakistan to die in an exceedingly crash on duty
The first Pakistani girl to scale Mount Everest is:
A. Saba Khan
B. Ayesha Ishaq
C. Shiza Bilal
D. Samina Baig
Samina Baig became the primary Pakistani girl and therefore the third Pakistani to climb Mount Everest on nineteen could 2013.
Mount Everest is that the Highest peak within the world.
It is placed in Kingdom of Nepal.
The largest supply of electricity generation in West Pakistan is __________?
A. Thermal
B. Hydal
C. Wind
D. Solar
List of West Pakistan Largest supply of Energy:
1. Thermal (Coal)
2. electricity.
3. gas.
4. Nuclear.
5. Solar.
6. Wind.
Largest Thermal electricity generation plant is in: Kot Addu utility Capesty:1600 MW
The largest export crop of West Pakistan in terms of revenue is:
A. Wheat
B. Sugarcane
C. Barley
D. Cotton
Cotton could be a major crop of {pakistan|Pakistan|Islamic Republic of West Pakistan|West Pakistan|Asian country|Asian nation} when wheat it occupies the biggest space in Pakistan compared to different crops. Cotton crop earns the country largest export revenues.
________ was the primary honorable judge of Pakistan?
A. Justice Abdul Rashid
B. Justice Muhammad Munir
C. Justice Muhammad Shahabuddin
D. Justice A.R. Cornelius
Mian Abdur Rashid took the oath of The Quaid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah because the initial Governor-General of West Pakistan.

The longest-serving judge of Pakistan?
Mohammad Haleem


The shortest-serving judge of West Pakistan was Muhammad Shahabuddin
Who was the primary girl Governor of bank of Pakistan?
A. Farzana Raja
B. Dr. Shama Khalid
C. Dr. Shamshad Akhter
D. None of those
Shamshad Akhtar could be a Pakistani development economic expert, diplomat, and intellectual.
she served because the caretaker minister of West Pakistan in 2018.
she served because the fourteenth Governor of the bank of West Pakistan,(2006 -2009) the primary girl to assume this position.
what is the name of pakistan as per constitution of pakistain 1956.?
A. u. s. of West Pakistan
B. Republic of West Pakistan
C. Islamic Republic of West Pakistan
D. Islamic West Pakistan
E. None of those
The official name “Islamic Republic of West Pakistan” as hand-picked for the state of Pakistan within the 1956 constitution.
Islam is asserted because the state faith of West Pakistan.
Where the largest salt mine placed in Pakistan?
A. Mangora
B. Jhelum
C. Chakwal
D. None of the on top of

It is Pakistan’s largest and oldest salt mine and therefore the world’s second-largest mine.
Khewra Salt Mine another name is dressing Salt Mine
Who prompt West Pakistan customary Time?
A. academician Muhammad Anwar
B. Liaqat Ali Khan
C. Dr. Abdus Salalm
D. Dr. Samar Mubarik

On fifteen Gregorian calendar month 1951, man of science Mahmood Anwar, 2 time zones were introduced.